Our Top Ten Whiskies 2017

Here we have put together our top ten whiskies at the moment. It's only our opinion and we realise that there are hundreds of great whiskies that deserve to make the list, but we have to start somewhere. So based on enjoyment, availability and price........ in no particular order, here we go! Dalwhinnie Distillers Edition... Continue Reading →

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Lidl’s Ben Bracken Islay

Lidl released a range of three, single malt whiskies earlier this year, under their own Ben Bracken label. I'd heard good reports about them, but priced at £17.49 I was a bit sceptical to say the least. I believe in you get what you pay for and these days cheap deals are normally that, cheap... Continue Reading →

Bourbon – let’s define it!

We all know it's a whiskey, but what makes it a bourbon. To be called a bourbon, it must meet certain criteria as laid out in The Federal Standards of Identity for Distilled Spirits, which defines and regulates the production of bourbon in the United States of America. Some countries other than the USA, abide... Continue Reading →

Shackleton Blended Malt Review

If you're interested in whisky, you can't have missed hearing about this one. Interesting historical ties, premium packaging, cool icey blue bottle, great back story. But does it live up to the hype? A no age statement, blend of single malts, Shackelton Blended Malt joins the few mainstream whiskies that are "vatted", now known as... Continue Reading →

Balvenie Doublewood 12 year Review

The Balvenie Distillery is one of the Speyside distilleries owned by William Grant & Sons. With a long history of upholding traditional crafts and a pedigree that runs through all it's products. What better way to sample that provenance, than trying one of it's sherry cask finished whiskies. So without further ado, ladies and gentlemen,... Continue Reading →

Monkey Shoulder Review

Well, Father's Day has come and gone and the little cherubs, took themselves off to the shops, with the money they stole from my wallet and bought back a bottle of Monkey Shoulder. It was actually a good choice from  my point of view. It's one I've been meaning to try for a while now,... Continue Reading →

Angels’ Share

If you're interested in whisky, then you've probably heard of "The Angels' Share". But what is it exactly? What causes it? Let's take a closer look. After it's put into casks, a proportion of the whisky, mysteriously disappears. Up to about 5% is lost on the initial fill, where it is absorbed into the "thirsty"... Continue Reading →

Chill filter? What?

One of the great debates, that rages on in the whisky world is the use of chill filtering. What is it? Why do it? How do you do it? Does it affect taste, aroma and mouth feel? Do you care? Whether you do or not, we thought it might be interesting to touch on this... Continue Reading →

Scotch – let’s define it.

We all know it's a whisky, but what makes it a Scotch. To be called a Scotch, it has to meet certain criteria, as laid out by the Scotch Whisky Regulations (SWR), which define and regulate definition of Scotch whisky in the United Kingdom. Some countries other than the UK, abide by these regulations, due... Continue Reading →

Peat – can you learn to love it?

In our experience, whisky drinkers fall into two very distinct camps. Those that love peat and those that hate it. There is a small sub-division of diplomats who sit on the fence, but they are rare. Think marmite and you've got the idea. One of our friends colleagues aqcuantices ...... just a bloke we know,... Continue Reading →

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